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SEPTEMBER 20–22, 2019





Opening Night: September 19 
22-25 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

September 20–22, 2019
Opening Night: September 19

22-25 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101

September 20 — 22, 2019

Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference (CABC)

This year’s Conference features a full day of talks and conversations, taking place on Saturday, September 21 at Artbook Bookstore Event Space. Organized by art librarians and professionals in the field, sessions will cover a range of lively topics from artists, scholars, and other leading figures, with a keynote address by the artist Adam Pendleton.

Admission is free for all sessions, but space is limited.

11:30 am—12:30 pm

What Motivates a Book Collector?

Why does a library choose to add one book to its collection over another? How does a private collector find the book they have been searching for? What makes a photobook desirable? Does production quality matter to the collector? Find out the answers to these questions and more, by joining us for a series of rapid fire micro-talks from a cross-section of artists’ book collectors. The session features presentations by Johanna Bauman (Pratt, New York), Monica Johnson (Booklyn Artists Alliance, New York), David Solo (private collector, New York), Robbin Ami Silverberg (The Jack Ginsberg Center for Book Arts, South Africa). Organized by Corina Reynolds (Center for Book Arts).
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12:45—1:45 pm

Technologies of Care: Panel Discussion

The artist publishers featured in this session evoke considerations of embodiment and identity, envisioning “technologies of care” that counter the technologies of surveillance prevalent in our digital landscape. Rooted in a feminist and anti-racist ethics of care, these projects offer powerful models for community-building in print and online space. While some speakers look to cyberfeminism to conjure new bodily imaginaries, others draw on intersectional and Black feminisms to build supportive spaces for marginalized people. All of these projects envision publishing as a kind of activism. The session features presentations by Gaby Collins-Fernandez and Florencia Escudero of Precog Magazine, and Kandis Williams of Cassandra Press, moderated by Sarah Hamerman (Cybernetics Library, Princeton University Library).︎ Add to Calendar

2:00—3:00 pm

Collecting for Social Justice: Artists’ Books and Critical Theory

Critical theory can be defined as a philosophical approach to analyzing culture that seeks to confront the social, historical, and ideological forces that produce and constrain it. Panelists will examine critical theory as an approach to creating a diverse and inclusive book collection, as well as how collecting artists’ books in particular can help to achieve this goal. Speakers will bring academic, artistic, marketing, and publishing perspectives to the discussion. The conversation is moderated by Giana Ricci (Librarian for the Fine Arts, New York University), and includes Jennifer Ferretti (Digital Initiatives Librarian, Maryland Institute College of Art), Adriana Monsalve (Homie House Press), and Kamaria Hatcher (Assistant Museum Librarian, Reader Services, Metropolitan Museum of Art).︎ Add to Calendar

3:15—4:30 pm

Keynote Address

Adam Pendleton is a New York-based artist known for work animated by what he calls “Black Dada,” a critical articulation of blackness, abstraction, and the avant-garde. Drawing from an archive of language and images, Pendleton employs photocopying, painting, printmaking, video, and collage, often translating to and from the printed page. In 2017, he published Black Dada Reader, a sourcebook of photocopied texts and commissioned essays that correlates the legacies of modernism and conceptualism to those of black radicalism. The same year, the Reader was named a “Best Art Book” by the New York Times, and a subsequent paperback edition was published in 2019. Anthology, a large-format, limited-edition volume of silkscreen prints, nearly 200 pages, was published in 2018 by Zucker Art Books. For his address at the Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference, Pendleton will collage texts pulled from books in his personal library and consider these excerpts in relation to his broader body of work. ︎ Add to Calendar

This year’s Conference is made possible by generous contributions from Stephen Bury and Deirdre Lawrence.

The Conference is organized by the CABC Committee: Sarah Hamerman (Princeton University Library), Sofia Kofodimos (The Museum of Modern Art), James Mitchell, Corina Reynolds (Center for Book Arts), Giana Ricci (New York University), Farris Wahbeh (Whitney Museum of American Art), and Megan Williams (Schomberg Center for Research and Black Culture, New York Public Library).